Events in Apulia: all the festivals in Gargano not to be missed (Duplicate)

Patronal feasts, traditions, festivals. Gargano is a magical and mysterious place, whose events enrich your holiday with unique experiences.

What are the most important festivals in Apulia? 

Apulia is a region that boasts centuries-old traditions, beliefs and spectacular patronal festivals, different in every town and village, from the north to the deep south, in Salento.

The Gargano, in particular, is a strong attractor for religious tourism thanks to the famous sanctuary of San Giovanni Rotondo and the many evocative patronal festivals, not only from a religious point of view but above all folkloristic. 

The Calendar of Patronal Feasts in Gargano 

Gargano is the perfect combination of unspoilt green nature and the blue Adriatic Sea. This harmony between sea and land spills out into the streets with the illuminations of patronal festivals and along the harbours with festively decorated boats. 

13 June - Feast of Saint Anthony (Vieste)

The traditional firing of firecrackers opens the festivities with the notes of the band celebrating through the streets of the city's historic centre. This is followed by the iconic procession, the fireworks display at Marina Piccola and an unmissable finale with another fireworks display.

20 July - Feast of Saint Elias (Peschici) 

Sacred and profane come together in a patronal festival that lights up the town of Peschici with colours and scents. At midnight, the traditional fireworks display over the sea.

First Sunday in September (7/09) - Feast of Santa Maria Stella Maris (Vieste) 

A popular feast, linked in particular to the world of fishing and seafaring. The procession traditionally takes place at sea. Many boats follow the Madonna as an evocative pilgrimage, while the sun disappears behind the horizon.

29 September - Feast of the Patron Saint Michael Archangel (Monte Sant'Angelo) 

From concerts and markets to religious liturgy, the festival attracts numerous pilgrims who come on foot from neighbouring countries. The procession of the sacred sword of St Michael Archangel is magical and not to be missed if you are in the area. 

Puglia festivals: which are the events?

The overwhelming music of the Apulian tarantella, the intense flavours of the Gargano, the meetings between readers and writers of Libro Possibile. Let's find out together which events, festivals and fairs not to miss in the Apulian summer.

1 June - Vieste en Rose

A day dedicated to rosé wine in the charming historic centre of Vieste. A unique opportunity to explore and taste Apulian wine excellence, through a route that combines culture, taste and beauty. 

8 June - Vieste Beer Festival 

An event exclusively dedicated to the tasting of numerous craft beers from all over Apulia.

26 and 27 July - Tarantella Garganica - Monte Sant'Angelo 

A tribute to the Gargano tarantella, welcoming players, dancers and musicians from all over Italy. The result is a large folk orchestra whose rhythm is impossible to resist.

23/27 July - Possible Book Festival 

The Possible Book Festival returns for a series of meetings with authors, thinkers and exponents of the cultural world. A review that promises to bring writers and the public together in a setting of extraordinary beauty.

31 August / 6 September - Vieste in Love 

The town of Vieste turns into a tribute to love with a series of events exploring the feeling in all its facets. A celebration to fall in love with Vieste, life and nature. 

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