Gargano's best beaches: a guide to the most beautiful waters

The best beaches in the Gargano: a guide to dive into the most beautiful waters

The best sea in Apulia kisses the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano - between Peschici and Vieste - an enchantment of colors and scents, a true triumph of nature.

Peschici: the most beautiful beaches

Peschici is one of the areas that holds some of the most beautiful beaches in Gargano.

Baia del Gusmay

This is the beach for the exclusive use of the Valtur Baia del Gusmay Beach Resort and is about 300 meters long. A private corner of paradise where white cliffs frame the crystal-clear horizon of the Gargano sea. The fine white sand and sloping seabed make it a perfect place  for the whole family.

Cala Lunga Beach

Close to the Gargano National Park lies this natural paradise with free access. It is over 300 meters long, the sand is golden in color and soft. The ideal choice for those who want to relax and enjoy the sun.

Zaiana Beach

Nestled in the lush nature of the bay from which it takes its name, Zaiana Beach has a shoreline about 200 meters long, characterized by crystal-clear water and fine sand, surrounded by a rocky coastline and breathtaking panoramic views. By day it has a quiet and relaxed soul, by night it turns into one of the most popular nightlife attractions in Gargano.

Manaccora Beach

Just a few meters from Zaiana Beach, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Peschici. Very popular in high season, it is especially loved by families for its crystal-clear waters and sloping seabed.

Marina di Peschici

This is the beach town of Peschici. Here, you can enjoy a beach with crystal-clear sea and golden sand, like all the beaches in Gargano. It is surrounded on one side by rocks, on the other by the peak of Monte Pucci.

Cala del Turco

It is located between Cala Lunga and Baia del Gusmay. It is a wild oasis where one can enjoy privacy and relaxation. Thanks to its north-eastern exposure in the mid-afternoon, the bay enjoys pleasant shade. There is also a very atmospheric cave in which to shelter from the high summer temperatures.

Calenella Beach

This small bay is characterized by limestone rocks and crystal-clear waters: a quiet and picturesque place, ideal for those seeking privacy.

Vieste's beaches and bays not to be missed

The most iconic Gargano beaches to discover and love.

Marina Piccola

It is a bay in the center of Vieste, with the beauty of the town in the background. It runs from Punta San Francesco to Punta Santa and it is partially enclosed by the lighthouse islet. It has a shallow, sandy seabed, perfect for children.

Pizzomunno Beach

Nestled in the enchantment of Vieste, this beach shines like a precious gem. Here, the imposing rock of Pizzomunno rises majestically from the golden sand, guarding centuries of stories and legends. This magical place offers a perfect setting for families: the beach is vast, the waters are calm and shallow.

Zagare Bay

Also known as Baia dei Mergoli (Mergoli Bay), this bay of Vieste has become one of the symbolic beaches of the Gargano with its impressive cliffs and two beautiful limestone stacks sculpted like works of art by the wind. The white pebbles of the beach enhance the deep blue sea: a view not to be missed.

Vignanotica Beach

Connected to Baia delle Zagare by the romantic “Path of Love” is a beautiful pebble and sandy beach. Over time, the sea waves have carved evocative caves, which together with the high cliffs make the atmosphere of this bay unique. It is certainly one of the most-loved beaches in Gargano.

The Bay of San Felice

It is the symbol of Gargano. The famous San Felice Arch, like all the sea caves on the coast, is the result of the incessant kissing of the wind, which has eroded the karstic rock over the centuries. This bay at Vieste is a wild and unspoilt natural oasis, nestled in the green Mediterranean maquis with a small but enchanting beach.

Scialara Beach

Also called “Castle Beach” because of the Swabian Castle that towers above it, it is famous for the Pizzomunno, the solitary monolith that has become a symbol of the city. It is perfect for long walks and days at the seaside with the whole family. The sunsets here are magical.

Now that we have revealed to you the most beautiful beaches in the Gargano, all you have to do is choose your favorite. From the Valtur Baia del Gusmay Resort you can experience all the beauty of the Gargano and easily reach all the most beautiful beaches. Book your next holiday here.