Holiday in Gargano: the most beautiful places to visit

Vieste, Peschici, Foresta Umbra... Discover the most beautiful places to visit in the Gargano for a holiday among crystal-clear sea, sheer cliffs and picturesque villages

What are the most beautiful places in Gargano?

Everything you need to know for your stay here. 

Choosing to spend a holiday on Gargano means coming into contact with a wild dimension, in some ways still unexplored. Known as the 'Spur of Italy', its rugged rocks plunge into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and its nature offers postcard-perfect views. On one side the light of the white cliffs overlooking the sea, on the other the shadow of the Foresta Umbra so thick as to be almost impenetrable to the sun's rays. The villages born and shaped by nature tell the story of peoples who fell in love with this land and left behind evocative traditions and works as a gift of the beauty they experienced. 

What to visit in the Gargano 

The most beautiful places not to be missed 

When asked what to visit in Gargano, the answers seem to capture many different holiday desires. The National Park of  Gargano for nature seekers, Peschici and Vieste for lovers of village walks, the Tremiti Islands for enchanting scuba diving, Manfredonia for admirers of archaeological finds. Let's see specifically which are the most beautiful places to visit during your holiday in Gargano, to make your stay truly memorable.

What to see in Vieste 

Its beauties to visit between the sea and the historic center

Vieste is one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Italy. The oldest part of the town rises on a rocky outcrop from the Castle Beach to the Marina Piccola beach, creating an incomparable setting. The golden lights of the town of Vieste, like fireflies, play on the waters of the gulf, creating a profound dialogue between man and nature. This is the perfect synthesis of the infinite souls of the Gargano. The Spiaggia del Castello (Castle Beach) is dominated by the famous Pizzomunno stacks, the protagonist of one of the most popular legends of the area: the love story between the handsome fisherman Pizzomunno and the young Cristalda, which you should ask for to locals.

What to see in Peschici 

How to experience one of the most beautiful villages in the Gargano

They say the sea of Peschici is so beautiful that the sun kisses it both in the morning and in the evening before leaving: here you can admire not only the sunrise but also the sunset over the sea. The colorful labyrinth of workshops of master craftsmen and inns that smell of good things, also contributes to the charm of this village. Peschici is the village that encapsulates the most authentic character of this land, which thrives on contrasts. From a relaxing and typical location during the day, it transforms into a town full of movida and lively clubs at night, making it perfect for a holiday of relaxation and fun. A treat to try is certainly the cartellata ice cream, perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

What to see in the Umbra Forest 

The Umbra Forest guards one of the wildest natural habitats on our peninsula, where the biodiversity index holds the Italian record. The Gargano National Park was established to protect this natural wonder. A place to discover and which surprises with its incredible variety of flora and fauna.

What to see on the Tremiti Islands  

Going on holiday to the Gargano means to lose oneself in infinite souls as different as they are similar. Among the wonders of this land are the fascinating Tremiti Islands, the only archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. They are a small corner of exotic paradise with crystal-clear waters, full of suggestive and mysterious caves waiting to be discovered. From San Domino to San Nicola, from Capraia to Cretaccio and Pianosa: let yourself be enchanted by the wild soul of these islands with the experiences organised by the Resort and immerse yourself in the beauty and evocative atmosphere of these unspoilt lands.


What to see in Monte Sant'Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo 

The Gargano is shrouded in a spiritual aura in which religions and legends are intertwined. Monte Sant'Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo are two villages full of charm and sacredness.

The former is known for the legendary sanctuary of St. Michael Archangel, a pilgrimage destination for thousands of years that has made it an iconic symbol of the Gargano area over time.  It is no coincidence that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

San Giovanni Rotondo captivates with its pregnant spirituality and religiosity. The village is linked to the cult of Padre Pi , the stigmatized friar who has left an indelible mark on the faith of millions of people around the world who come here every year to pray. In the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, visitors can contemplate the crypt that holds the mortal remains of Padre Pio and visit the cell where he lived most of his life: a place that exudes a profound aura of devotion and reflection. 

The Gargano is a precious treasure to visit and discover slowly, so don't miss out on all the curiosities when planning your stay at the Valtur Gusmay Beach Resort