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Trekking between sea and sky

From sea to mountain, and from mountain to sea, in search of the still-secret facets of the Gargano area, which are revealed along a fantastic itinerary, overflowing with nature, history, ancient traditions and unique flavours to be discovered at the table.

We set off from an ancient farm near Vieste, where time seems to have stood still. We will eat by the fire, listening to the tales of the shepherd and savouring his caciocavallo podolico cheese, with its unrivalled taste, which has been given the Slow Food seal of approval.

We then continue towards the Monte Sacro (“Sacred Mountain”), making our way through the woodland of Vieste as we follow the old “Sammichelari” path, which at one time was taken by the pilgrims of Saint Michael who were travelling on foot to Mount Sant’Angelo. We will reach the peak of the Monte Sacro, its slopes still adorned by wild orchids, where we will visit the evocative ruins of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity of the Monte Sacro.

Mount Sant’Angelo is one of the most famous and most ancient destinations for pilgrims anywhere in the world, and you are sure to be fascinated by the beauty of its ancient historical centre, rendered even more enchanting by numerous examples of Enula candida and Gargano bellflower. From the mountain, we will head down towards the sea, reaching Mattinata along a route featuring dry-stone walls and infused with the fragrances of Mediterranean maquis, in an area awash with signs of an ancient past.

From Mattinata, which affords a spectacular view over the bay below, we then move along the coast, travelling on a path with breathtaking panoramas, as we head down towards what is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gargano area, Vignanotica, with its white limestone cliffs. We will then end our journey with a relaxing boat trip along the coast, marvelling at its myriad caves and unusual rock formations, which are the fruit of the prolonged erosive action of water and wind.

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