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Gargano in mountain bike - Itinerari Differenti Per Principianti Ed Esperti

Gargano by mountain bike

Different itineraries for beginners and experts.

Easy Bike
Excursions for beginners or little trained bikers

The Dispensa (pantry)

 Through the valley of treasure, along a very suggestive path in the Umbrian forest, we will climb towards “Torre Palermo”, and then descend through the wood of Vieste and reach the “Masseria Saragozza” (Saragozza’s farm) where we will enjoy the typical dishes of our tradition in a place where time seems to have stopped. After lunch we will descend toward the coast, enjoying the wonderful view of the city of Vieste.
Length: about 35 Km / 450 meters uphill.

A day on Elia’s Trebuchet

After an uphill towards Peschici, we will come down towards the coast along a steep panoramic path to reach the Trebuchet by the sea where we will have a break for lunch.

Length : about 45 Km/ 650 meters uphill

The Brooms

We will pedal in a multicolored landscape, along small paved country streets through the hills at the foot of the Umbrian Forest, among olive groves and brooms, to the top of the Chianconcello mountain that offers a breathtaking view.
Length: about 30 Km / 550 meters uphill

Expert bike
Middle-to-high difficulty excursions for well trained bikers

The Sfilzi wood

From the slopes of the Umbrian Forest we will climb through the lovely wood of Cerro, along a path where you can meet deers, hares and boars. We will visit the fountain of Sfilzi, the highest perpetual fountain of the forest, and as soon as we get to the top of the mountain we will dive ourselves into an extremely entertaining downhill that will bring us back, after passing through an oak grove, to the olive groves of Vieste. On our way back we will stop at an oil mill for a visit and tasting.
Length: about 35Km/ 680 meters uphill

The Sacred way

From Vieste we will climb up, following the “Tacca del lupo” (the wolf’s notch), in a fascinating path among centennial oaks and stone pools. As we get to the top, we will take the path of the pilgrims of San Michele, who once used to reach Monte Sant’Angelo on foot. Afterwards we will climb down to the slopes of the Monte Sacro (Sacred mountain) where a wonderful lowland, kingdom of the wild orchids, opens up to the view. We will then proceed to a farmhouse where we will have lunch with typical products. After lunch, we will get back on our saddle towards the Umbrian Forest and then down to Vieste, in a relaxing downhill among beeches and downy. 
Length: about 65 Km/900 meters uphill

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