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Gargano in Quad - Escursioni per tutti i gusti

Gargano by Quad

An excursion suitable for everyone through a panoramic path that follows the coast of the Gargano, discovering the flavors of the Mediterranean bush and the blue of the sea.

After a part of paved road, we will go through an unmetalled road reaching an area extremely rich of evidences of the past, such as ancient shelters with graffiti on their walls. The path will continue through the shadows of the Aleppo pines, between dry stone walls and centennial olive trees, where you can easily find grazing animals.

At the end of the excursion we will have a break to taste the excellent wine of the ‘Pastorella’ farm, that also produces a quality biological olive oil. We will then sit at the table in one of the oldest farms (masserie) of the Gargano, to delight ourselves with those dishes that best represent our tradition: ‘orecchiette’ pasta, ‘pan cotto’ (a typical soup), fragrant cheeses and sweets…

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