Our approach to a new type of holiday in Apulia

Apulia is a land that, with almost incredible alchemy, holds within it a great number of things. We could say that it is the essence of the wonder that is the Mediterranean all wrapped up in one region: its most noble history, its creativity, its ability to form combinations able to initiate irreversible processes of beauty. The treasures of Apulia are so many that it is literally impossible to even attempt listing them. Gargano is its green lung, a microcosm in which nature still reigns supreme, where you can let yourself be enchanted by the magnificent embrace of the vegetation of the vast National Park and one of the most uncontaminated areas of the Adriatic Sea. Just to give you an idea of how extraordinary our area is: here you can find approximately one third of Italy’s entire selection of flora. And it is right here, in the heart of Gargano, that the Gusmay Resort was born.

L’estate al Gusmay





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